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Helping mothers across the globe through ethical commercialization of breast milk.


From Left to Right: Anderson Reed, Kellianne Kelly, Ryoko Nozawa, Priscilla Akomaning, Shawna Strayhorn


Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in the U.S. have an unmet need for the ideal Exclusively Human Milk (EHM) diet essential for premature babies until they reach full gestation. 72% of NICU mothers of very preterm infants are unable to provide all of the milk necessary for an EHM diet. The need for human milk is set to increase as a result of updates to the requirements hospitals have to meet in order to qualify as “Baby-Friendly” in the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.


NutriBridge’s first customers will be hospitals that are currently “Baby Friendly “certified by the old standards, as well as hospitals looking to move to “Baby Friendly” status.

Team Members

Kellianne Kelly

Anderson Reed

Priscilla Akomaning

Shawna Strayhorn

Ryoko Nozawa

Nadine Kwebetchou

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