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Helping consumers manage their digital lives and devices through personalized, at home, Chief Technology Officer services.


From Left to Right: Zachary Perlstein, Peter Li, Matthew Hunt


Residential consumers’ lives are cluttered with electronics. Electronics are not recycled or resold because they contain valuable memories and data that must be transferred to new, usable mediums, or destroyed to keep personal data safe. Often, consumers don’t have the time or ability to manage or transfer this data.  At the same time, electronic recyclers are unable to develop cost-effective residential operations due to the cost of collection, and the fact that valuable electronics are inaccessible due to the aforementioned consumer data needs.


Bluejak’s first customers are wealthy tech-novice parents with a moderate digital footprint in need of consolidating, cleaning, organizing and maintaining. These customers are also interested in interacting with their personal content, old and new, in novel ways.

Team Members

Zachary Perlstein

Matthew Hunt

Peter Li

Druery Thorn Holloway

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