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Pure Spinach

The best tasting spinach in the world, locally grown all year round.


PureSpinach grows and sells the best spinach in the world. By the best, we mean a better tasting, more nutritious spinach, that is locally grown, pesticide-free, available year-round, and ultra-fresh; so fresh, that consumers can enjoy it in less than 24 hours after harvest. In addition to having superior taste and health benefits, PureSpinach utilizes 90% less water and land and other resources than conventional field farming.
Problem: There is a lack of fresh and locally grown spinach in the market that is available year-round. Currently, 96% of the spinach sold in the US is grown in the West Coast and transported thousands of miles to meet retail and consumer demand. This impacts the freshness, quality, and taste of the spinach, and exhausts many valuable resources in the process. As well, there are technical difficulties faced by greenhouse operators that act as a barrier to year-round spinach production.
Customer: Our direct customers are brick and mortar retailers as well as online grocers. We are witnessing high demand from the national retailers for our product. PureSpinach is currently sold at GreenStar Coop and GreenStar Collegetown, in Ithaca as well as Brooktons’ Market in Brooktondale. We just signed on the largest e-grocer in New York State and will start selling through their website. We are scaling our production to meet the high demand and will build PureSpinach into a national brand. 
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