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OrthoFit is creating smart, wearable, technologies and software to monitor and track the body in order to prevent repetitive motion injuries in the workplace. OrthoFit monitors the body throughout the day to create an enhanced understanding of workers motion and make the assessment process timely, personalized, data-oriented, and prior to an injury occurring. 
Problem: Two-thirds of all work-related injuries are repetitive motion injuries. The two main pain points we have identified are excessive worker’s compensation cost, and excessive annual employee turnover rates (100% in certain jobs, 28% overall). The current methods to understand and assess these injuries are time consuming, generalized, qualitative, and out of date. Most importantly these assessments are performed after an injury has occurred (reactive).  

Customer: We are focusing on the meat and poultry industry as our initial market first because this industry has the highest rate of repetitive motion injuries.
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