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eLab Class of 2016

eLab is dedicated to accelerating top Cornell University startups. Established in 2008, by Student Agencies Foundation in collaboration with Entrepreneurship at Cornell, eLab has worked with hundreds of students in turning concepts into real businesses which include notable exits.

Class of 2017 Student Startups



Standardization for hostels in Mexico, improving lease prices and decreasing vacancy.


Accessing files and information based on contextual and relational searching for architecture firms.


Facilitating the buying and selling of ready-to-print 3D models that are data rich and customizable.


Consistent electricity through affordable solar systems to manufacturing businesses in Nigeria.


Mobile solution for knowing bed availability in an emergency in Ghana.


Personalized travel through optimized reward points and custom designed unforgettable experiences.

Farther Farms

An innovative, new shelf-life extension technology for the fresh-cut produce industry.


Wearable technologies to improve workplace ergonomic safety and risk assessment.


The best tasting spinach in the world, locally grown all year round.


A global competence education platform with automated interactive tools that link today’s global issues to Common Core and other standardized curricula.


Creating the world’s first electric skateboard that you can do all of your skate tricks with.

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