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eLab Class of 2016

eLab is dedicated to accelerating top Cornell University startups. Established in 2008, by Student Agencies Foundation in collaboration with Entrepreneurship at Cornell, eLab has worked with hundreds of students in turning concepts into real businesses which include notable exits.

Class of 2016 Student Startups

This year saw a record 60 applicants to the eLab program. We chose the top 12 who were dedicated to their startup and most likely to benefit from the program. Click each name below for individual startup team pages.

Cayuga Crunch

Fresh, crunchy snacks providing nourishment for long, busy days.


Connecting Chinese students with accurate information of schools abroad.


Data enhances intuition. Datalogue automates the process of finding, cleaning, and normalizing data  to transform the structure of datasets into formats that scientists, developers, and researchers expect.


Giving to charity should be more engaging, convenient, and informative.

Equine Design

Keeping horses healthy by tracking water intake.


Helping consumers manage their digital lives and devices through personalized, at home, Chief Technology Officer services.


Helping mothers across the globe through ethical commercialization of breast milk.


Ride hailing platform that fills the transportation gap in college towns.


Rings that bring music to your fingertips by transforming the color of tapped surfaces into sound.


Saving lives through cyanide detection.


Elevating the starting brewery through focused education and consulting.

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