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eLab is accepting early applications for the 2017-18 school year!
The final Application Deadline is TBA and will be announced closer to Fall.

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eLab is an accelerator program for Cornell student startups. Startups receive weekly one-on-one mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship professors over a year-long program featuring 5 intensive bootcamps, eLab alum advisors, course credit, $5,000 toward their business, and access to a network of resources. eLab is not for theory; it is for launching real businesses.

Startups who apply early have the opportunity for an early interview.

eLab accepts 12 startups each year and the admission process is competitive. No matter what stage you are in, connect with us as early as possible. Interviewing early means you get all the inside tips on what we are looking for in a successful eLab startup. Those who interview early will receive a Fall interview along with other applicants and are encouraged to update their application closer to the end of the Summer/ beginning of Fall, in case company details have changed.

Visit for more info.

If you are interested in founding a startup but have not yet taken an entrepreneurship class, take one of the many other entrepreneurship courses offered on campus as soon as possible to prepare for applying to eLab.

If you are interested in joining or working for an eLab startup, please reach out to eLab Coordinator Jeremiah Cotman, with “eLab” as the first word in the subject.

eLab is a collaboration of Student Agencies Foundation and Entrepreneurship at Cornell. Sign in